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  • Welcome to Waushara County

    The Waushara Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to its members in assisting their marketing efforts and utilizing resources available to them. Our goal is maximizing a county-wide partnership that creates Waushara County as a destination for potential tourists, a place for local citizens to patronize, and a variety of attractive communities for future development.

  • Public Policy

  • Open Meetings & Public Participation Policy For Meetings

    1. Waushara Area Chamber Board and their Committee Meetings are open to members of the general public; the general public is allowed to attend as an observer of the meeting.  Observers shall have no voting rights nor are allowed active participation during the meeting.  Their presence is that of a spectator.
    2. Members of the public may attend any regularly scheduled Chamber Board meeting except during closed sessions as requested/scheduled by the Board.
    3. If a member of the Public requests participation at a Board meeting, and asks to present a topic, he/she must complete a written participation application at least one week prior to the Board meeting and submit to the Executive Director of the Chamber.   
    4. The Executive Director will inform and email the participation application to the Board of Directors for acceptance; at least a quorum of Board members must approve the topic(s) for discussion; members of the Board who do not approve must provide an explanation for their denial.
    5. Statements on a topic must last no more than 5 minutes; a maximum of 2 speakers per topic is allowed; maximum amount of speakers at any meeting will not exceed
    6. All statements will be directed towards the presiding officer, no person may address or question Board members individually or other members of the public.
    7. The presiding officer may interrupt, warn, or terminate a participant’s statement when the statement is too lengthy, personally directed or irrelevant.
    8. The presiding officer may request an individual to leave the meeting when that person does not observe reasonable decorum.
    9. The Board is not required to act, vote, or take action on any topic that is presented. 


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